Terlanjur Mengandung Beli Pil Gugur RM600. Apa Yang Berlaku Kat Bayi Tu Buat Ramai MARAH

Seorang wanita telah buat luahan perasaan kepada Syed Azmi. Dia terlanjur dengan rakan sekerja dan mengandung. Akibatnya dia beli pil gugur rm600 dari Internet. Lepas makan, baby dalam perut x gugur dan kena bayar lagi rm900. Dia x mampu. Apa yg jadi waktu kelahiran buat ramai marah…… Astaghfirullah.

Terlanjur Mengandung Beli Pil Gugur RM600. Apa Yang Berlaku Kat Bayi Tu Buat Ramai MARAH | Khalifah Mail Online – Seperti dah jadi trend pulak wanita terlanjur untuk terus beli pil gugur yang bukan murah harganya. Dan beli pula di Internet, guna bahan terlarang pulak. Yang jadi mangsa adalah wanita dan bayi tersebut. Ikuti kisah yang diceritakan oleh Syed Azmi ini.

I met a girl who was asking for help due to the condition of her baby. This is her story. She has a diploma in education and work in a small office. Met a boy while working and had unprotected se#x.

She then realised after 1 month of no period and checked through urine test that she got pregnant and told the boy. Unfortunately, the boy also impregnated another girl and got married to the other girl. Feeling lost, she turned to internet to look for pills that she could consume to abort her baby.

(Here, i am not telling what key words she used to look for the pills)

The pills (4 tablets in total) cost her RM600.00. She cannot remember who she bought it from. I am very upset on this.

The pills didn’t work and to its the second month of pregnancy, apparently she needs a higher dose and costs her RM900. She couldn’t afford it and from then onwards carry the baby with her till delivery few days back.

No police report made.

It is only after 5 months in her pregnancy that she told her mother. Her mother, a tough lady, kerja kampung asked her elder daughter to Google for a safe transit home for girls. I remember she slowly tell me. Mak pesan “Jangan Liar, Jangan pikir yang bukan-bukan”.

Its during Raya time. The girl asked for forgiveness and that is how the mother said she noticed it, but rather let the daughter to tell it herself. She did ask who is the father but doesn’t know the boy.

Again, she doesn’t want the baby. With his condition, she asked me “Siapa pulak nak baby macam ni?”

I saw the baby. I saw the biomun. She smile. A good educated girl with a wrong step.

As a pharmacist, i am really annoyed with what these girls have to go through. If i have more info on this, i will want to bring the culprit to justice.

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